PayamPardaz Engineering Company was established in 1996 in order to provide technical services in the field of information and communication security. The company was founded by a team of experts in cryptography and data security, who had done research activities in Isfahan University of Technology between 1986 and 1996. In the beginning, most of the firm’s activities were concentrated around design and analysis of cryptographic systems and securing computer networks. After a while, market need for security products was sensed and consequently most of the company activities were devoted to production of such products.

Fields of Activity

In general, PayamPardaz company activities can be classified into two main fields including conducting projects and manufacturing products.

Information Security Projects

The company has done a variety of projects in the following subjects and is ready to conduct and run new projects in these fields:

Strategic and Theoretical Domain

  • Information security strategic plan
  • Information security master plan
  • Security consulting, supervision and plan management
  • Security architecture design, analysis and evaluation
  • Design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms
  • Design and analysis of security protocols, such as tunneling, authentication, key distribution and key agreement

Software Domain

  • Design and implementation of Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Development of security mechanisms in different operating systems
  • Design and implementation of a variety of encryption tools (such as file, partition, email, telephone, mobile, SMS, …)
  • Design and implementation of security mechanisms in network layers (such as data-link layer, IP layer and application layer)

Hardware Domain

  • Design and implementation of hardware security tokens
  • Implementation of security protocols (such as IPsec)
  • Design and implementation of encryption devices for various network layers (such as Physical layer and IP layer)

Information Security Products

Using its vast experience, PayamPardaz company has a portfolio of domestic products for securing cyber space. These products meet various customer needs and requirements. Currently in-use products of the company:

Security of Computer Applications

  • KeyA: Hardware USB security token
  • Arg: Partition encryption software
  • PAS: File encryption software
  • Sepanta: An isolated environment for Internet access
  • KeyAN: Secure login software for Windows
Network Security
  • Keyhan: A system for securing client/server communication
  • Tarigh: Unified Threat Management System (UTM)
  • Sadid: Network encryption system on data-link layer

Security of Communication Applications

  • Safir: Secure instant messaging system
  • Ava: Encryption software for landline and cell phones
  • Sima: SMS encryption software
  • Meftah: Truly random data generation software


  • Rose: Standard cryptographic library for software developers
  • Arman: Standard statistical testing software for cryptographic algorithms